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Package de.hunsicker.jalopy.printer

Interface Summary
Printer Common Interface for printing nodes.

Class Summary
AbstractPrinter Skeleton implementation of the printer interface.
ArrayInitializerPrinter Printer for array initializers [ARRAY_INIT].
ArrayTypePrinter Printer for array types [ARRAY_DECLARATOR].
AssertionPrinter Printer for assertions [LITERAL_assert].
AssignmentPrinter Printer for assignments [ASSIGN].
BasicDeclarationPrinter Common superclass the main declarations elements of a Java source file (class, interface declaration and the like).
BasicPrinter Basic printer which prints out just the node's text.
BitwiseOperatorPrinter Printer for bitwise operators [BAND, BOR, BXOR].
BlockPrinter Printer for statement or object blocks [SLIST and OBJBLOCK].
BlockStatementPrinter Common superclass for the printers that handle statement blocks.
CaseBlockPrinter Printer for case blocks [CASESLIST].
CasePrinter Printer for case blocks and case expressions.
ClassDeclarationPrinter Printer for class declarations [CLASS_DEF].
CommaPrinter Printer for commas.
ConstructorCallPrinter Printer for constructor calls [CTOR_CALL, SUPER_CTOR_CALL].
ConstructorDeclarationPrinter Printer for constructor declarations (CTOR_DEF).
CreatorPrinter Printer for creator constructs [LITERAL_new].
DotPrinter Printer for dot separated stuff (like qualified identifiers, chained method calls...) [DOT].
DoWhilePrinter Printer for do-while loops [LITERAL_do].
EmptyStatementPrinter Printer for the empty statement.
ExpressionPrinter Printer for expressions (EXPR).
ExtendsPrinter Printer for extends clauses (EXTENDS_CLAUSE).
FlowControlPrinter Printer for flow control statements (LITERAL_break and LITERAL_continue.
ForPrinter Printer for for loops [LITERAL_for].
IfElsePrinter Printer for if-else statements [LITERAL_if, LITERAL_else].
ImplementsPrinter Printer for implements clauses (IMPLEMENTS_CLAUSE).
ImportPrinter Printer for import declarations (IMPORT).
IndexOperatorPrinter Printer for index operators [INDEX_OP].
InfixOperatorPrinter Base class for infix operator printers.
InstanceInitPrinter Printer for instance initialization blocks.
InterfaceDeclarationPrinter Printer for interface declarations (INTERFACE_DEF).
JavadocPrinter Printer for Javadoc comments.
JavaPrinter Printer for a Java AST.
LabelStatementPrinter Printer for labels.
LeftParenthesisPrinter Printer for the left parenthesis [LPAREN].
LogicalOperatorPrinter Printer for the logical operators &, ||.
LongLiteralPrinter Printer for long literals.
Marker Represents a marked position in a stream.
Markers Manages a set of markers.
MathematicalOperatorPrinter Printer for mathematical operators.
MethodCallPrinter Printer for method calls [METHOD_CALL].
MethodDeclarationPrinter Printer for method declarations (METHOD_DEF).
ModifierPrinter Printer for the Java modifiers [LITERAL_public, LITERAL_protected, LITERAL_private, LITERAL_static, LITERAL_final, LITERAL_abstract, LITERAL_native, LITERAL_transient, LITERAL_synchronized, LITERAL_volatile, LITERAL_strictfp].
ModifiersPrinter Printer for the imaginary modifiers node (MODIFIERS).
NodeWriter The writer to be used to print a Java AST.
OperatorPrinter Base class for operator printers.
PackagePrinter Printer for package declarations (PACKAGE_DEF).
ParameterDeclarationPrinter Printer for parameter declarations [PARAMETER_DEF].
ParametersPrinter Printer for parameter lists [ELIST, PARAMETERS].
ParenthesesScope Represents the current parentheses scope.
PostfixOperatorPrinter Printer for postfix operators.
PrefixOperatorPrinter Printer for prefix operators.
PrinterFactory Central facility to create printers.
PrinterHelper Some common helpers.
PrinterState Holds some state values during the printing process (mostly used to implement line wrapping and aligning).
RelationalOperatorPrinter Printer for relational operators.
ReturnPrinter Printer for return statements (LITERAL_return).
RightParenthesisPrinter Printer for the right parenthesis [RPAREN].
SemiPrinter Printer for the Java statement delimeter (SEMI).
ShiftOperatorPrinter Printer for shift operators.
SkipPrinter DOCUMENT ME!
StaticInitPrinter Printer for static initializers (STATIC_INIT).
StringLiteralPrinter Printer for the string literals [STRING_LITERAL].
SwitchPrinter Printer for switch selection statements [LITERAL_switch].
SynchronizedPrinter Printer for synchronized blocks (SYNBLOCK).
TernaryIfElsePrinter Printer for the ternary operator (? :) [QUESTION].
TestNodeWriter NodeWriter can be used to "test" the output result for nodes.
ThrowPrinter Printer for exceptions (LITERAL_throw).
ThrowsPrinter Printer for the exception specification of methods and constructors [LITERAL_throws].
TryCatchFinallyPrinter Printer for try/catch/finally constructs [LITERAL_try, LITERAL_catch, LITERAL_finally].
TypeCastPrinter Printer for type casts.
TypePrinter Printer for Java types.
VariableDeclarationPrinter Printer for variable declarations [VARIABLE_DEF].
WhilePrinter Printer for while loops LITERAL_while.
WriterCache A simple cache to avoid continually creating and destroying new TestNodeWriter objects.