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Package edu.emory.mathcs.util

Interface Summary
IntMap An object that maps int keys to values.
IntMap.Entry A map entry (key-value pair).
PropertyUtils.Macro Macro template that expands the specified parameter in the macro-specific way.
Queue A Collection designed for holding elements prior to processing.

Class Summary
AbstractIntMap This class provides a skeletal implementation of the IntMap interface, to minimize the effort required to implement this interface.
AbstractQueue AbstractQueue provides default implementations of add, remove, and element based on offer, poll, and peek, respectively but that throw exceptions instead of indicating failure via false or null returns.
ArgvUtils To be reengineered.
ArgvUtils.OptionEntry To be reengineered.
ArgvUtils.OptionIterator To be reengineered.
HashIntMap Hash table based implementation of the IntMap interface.
HashIntMap.Entry HashMap collision list entry.
NativeTimer Experimental interface to native function getTimeOfDay.
PriorityQueue An unbounded priority queue based on a priority heap.
PropertyUtils Property and string manipulation and macro expansion utilities.
PropertyUtils.PropertyExpansionMacro Property expansion template that resolves property names into values using specified properties.
RangeBasedSetOfLongs Set of long numbers that is optimized towards clustered distributions.
Sequence Objects of this class produce sequence of integer numbers.
VolatileHashMap A hashtable-based Map implementation with weak values.
VolatileHashMap.Entry The entries in this hash table
WeakIdentityHashMap A hashtable-based Map implementation with weak keys and using reference-equality in place of object-equality when comparing keys (and values).
WeakIdentityHashMap.Entry The entries in this hash table extend WeakReference, using its main ref field as the key.

Exception Summary
ExpansionException Exception thrown from a macro expansion routine.