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edu.emory.mathcs.util.swing: Javadoc index of package edu.emory.mathcs.util.swing.

Package Samples:

edu.emory.mathcs.util.swing: Utility classes developed and/or maintained by the Distributed Computing Laboratory , Emory University.  


JDetailedMessageBox: Message box with the expandable detail pane at the bottom of the window. Allows users to show/hide message details that may be represented by any Swing component. Construction and usage patterns are similar to that of javax.swing.JOptionPane except that the "details" object is additionally required. If this object is a JComponent, it is used as is; otherwise, it is converted to string and displayed in a text box.
JConsole: A JFC/Swing based console for the BeanShell desktop. This is a descendant of the old AWTConsole. Improvements by: Mark Donszelmann including Cut & Paste Improvements by: Daniel Leuck including Color and Image support, key press bug workaround
UserPasswdPanel: The small dialog allowing the user to enter the username and password.

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