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Interface Summary
Agent the base remote interface for all agents.
DisplayExportingAgent the point of this interface is to return an agent which can connect back to the agent which implements this interface.
DJAgent Interface for DJAgent
EventReceivingAgent Interface for agents that receive events from other agents.
EventReceivingDescription this interface is used so the event receiving agent can list the objects that it can respond to best.
EventSendingAgent Interface for agents that send events to other agents.
EventTransceivingAgent An agent that can both send and receive events.

Class Summary
AgentImpl Base class for Hive agent implementations.
ConnectAgentHelper Helper class for ConnectAgentHelper interface; agent implementations can delegate methods to this class.
EventReceivingAgentImpl Base class for agents that listen to events on one host.
EventSendingAgentImpl Base class for event sending agents.
EventSendingHelper Helper class for EventSendingAgent interface; agent implementations can delegate methods to this class.
EventTransceivingAgentImpl Support for agents that both send and receive agents.
EventTranslatingAgentImpl Deprecated.  
GenericSignalPassthroughAgentImpl An agent that passes through signals from a shadow as Hive events.
HiveNotifyCall this is just a different notify call that we use instead of the standard async one so we do not have to go through java reflection every time -- if we do have to go through that, things are going to get butt slow when just sending a lot of "notify"s.
SignalPassthrough An adapter class between shadow signals and agent events.