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Class Summary
AgentGraphEdge This is basically a struct that is used to represent a connection between two agents in the graph
CellAddress This immutable class represents the URL of a Hive Cell.
Debug The Debug class implements a simple debugging facility.
ImageEvent This class embodies immutable messages that are sent from a an ImageSource to it's listeners.
ImageRingBuffer This class is a fixed size data structure that contains serializable images.
Link Internal data structure for the queue.
PPM Each instance of this class represents an image stored as an array of ints in ARGB format.
Queue This is a simple Queue (FIFO) data structure.
SerializableImage Each instance of this class represents an image stored as an array of ints.
VariablePropertyManipulator this class is meant to give access to the variables that can be set and unset in the bean style method calls on a certain class (mostly agents, but whatever)

Exception Summary
CellConnectException This is used as a generic exception to be thrown at certain times -- it will be encapsulating the real exception in this case
VariablePropertyManipulationException this exception is the general exception for hive "bean" related problems