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Package edu.ou.kmi.buddyspace.core

Interface Summary
BSAgentsListener BSAgentsListener is interface you can implement to get agents events notifications.
BSAuthListener BSAuthListener is interface you can implement to get authentication events notifications.
BSIQListener BSIQListener is interface you can implement to get special iq events notifications.
BSLoginListener BSLoginListener is interface you can implement to get login events notifications from BSCore.
BSLogListener Interface for logging events in jabber client.
BSMessageListener BSMessageListener is interface you can implement to get message events notifications.
BSPresenceListener BSPresenceListener is interface you can implement to get presence changes notifications.
BSRegListener BSRegListener is interface you can implement to get registration events notifications.

Class Summary
BSAgentsBean BSAgentsBean provides agents functionality handling.
BSAuthEvent BSAuthEvent contains information about event during authentication process.
BSAuthorizationBean BSAuthorizationBean provides athentication handling.
BSAuthState BSAuthState contains information about current phase of authentication process.
BSConnectionBean BSConnectionBean is the main bean for BuddySpaceBeans.
BSCore BSCore is the main class of BuddySpace backend.
BSInfoQueryBean BSInfoQueryBean handles IQ part of jabber protocol.
BSLogger BSLogger class logs sent and received packets through given connection and the connection state.
BSMessageAdapter BSMessageAdapter empty implementation of BSMessageListener interface providing message events notifications.
BSMessengerBean BSMessengerBean provides message handling.
BSPresenceAdapter BSPresenceAdapter empty implementation of BSPresenceListener interface for presence changes notifications.
BSPresenceBean BSPresenceBean provides presence handling.
BSPresenceInfo BSPresenceInfo contains presence information.
BSPresencesOfJID BSPresencesOfJID contains presence information about all resources the given JID is logged from.
BSRegisterBean BSRegisterBean provides new account registration handling.
BSRegState BSRegState contains information about current phase of registration process.
BSRosterBean BSRosterBean provides roster handling.
BSServedIDs BSServedIDs provides storing of currently served PacketIDs.