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Package edu.ou.kmi.buddyspace.gui

Class Summary
BSAboutDialog About dialog showing the basic product info.
BSAddContactDialog Dialog for adding and changing contacts.
BSAutoScrollTextPane BSAutoScrollTextPane extends AutoScrollTextPane and provides additional BuddySpace styles and calls directly to BSMainFrame.
BSBookmarks Maintains bookmarks.
BSChatWindow Window including whole GUI for chat.
BSChatWinManager BSChatWinManager is manager of all chat windows.
BSChooseGroupDialog Dialog for specifying JID.
BSChooseJIDDialog Dialog for specifying JID.
BSComposeMsgWin Window for composing plain messages.
BSDebugWin Window for displaying debug information.
BSFileTransferDialog Dialog for file upload and download.
BSFormDialog Dialog for jabber:x:data forms
BSJIDActionButton BSJIDActionButton stores JID and desired action namespace information.
BSJIDActionMenuItem BSJIDActionMenuItem stores JID and desired action namespace information.
BSJIDLabel BSJIDLabel is a icon label for specified JID.
BSJIDLabelList BSJIDLabelList is list of BSJIDLabels for one JID.
BSLoginDialog Dialog for entering login and registration information.
BSMainFrame BSMainFrame is the main window of BuddySpace.
BSMessagesWindow Window for displaying messages received by BSMessengerBean.
BSMsgWinManager BSMsgWinManager is manager of plain message and headline windows as well as compose message windows.
BSPrefsDialog BSPrefsDialog is dialog for editing user preferences.
BSPresenceDialog BSPresenceDialog allows entering of custom-defined presence.
BSRegDialog Dialog for specifying JID.
BSRosterTreeView BSRosterTreeView is graphical display of roster using tree.
BSSendURLDialog Dialog for sending URLs.
BSStatusesBar Window displaying presence statuses of favourite JIDs.
BSStatusWin Window for displaying status information.