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Class AlertsWinManager  view AlertsWinManager download

  extended byedu.ou.kmi.buddyspace.utils.WinManager
      extended byedu.ou.kmi.buddyspace.utils.AlertsWinManager

public abstract class AlertsWinManager
extends WinManager

AlertsWinManager is manager of AlertsDockableWindows, which supports handling of alerts - displays windows with new messages in different way.

Field Summary
private  java.util.Vector newMsgWindows
Fields inherited from class edu.ou.kmi.buddyspace.utils.WinManager
openWindows, tabbedPane
Constructor Summary
AlertsWinManager(javax.swing.JTabbedPane tabbedPane)
Method Summary
 void closeAllWindows()
          Closes all chat windows
protected abstract  java.awt.Image getWinImage(AlertsDockableWindow win, boolean newMsg)
          Returns Image which should be used for given window when newMsg status.
 boolean isNewMessage()
          Returns if there are some new unread messages
 void updateNewMessageFlags(AlertsDockableWindow win, boolean newMsg)
          Updates newMessage flags
Methods inherited from class edu.ou.kmi.buddyspace.utils.WinManager
addWindow, closeWindow, getWindow, isWindowActive, isWindowOpen, selectWindow, setTabbedPane, setWindowDocked, setWindowDocked, setWindowTitle, showWindow, showWindow, updateLAF
Methods inherited from class java.lang.Object
clone, equals, finalize, getClass, hashCode, notify, notifyAll, toString, wait, wait, wait

Field Detail


private java.util.Vector newMsgWindows
Constructor Detail


public AlertsWinManager(javax.swing.JTabbedPane tabbedPane)
Method Detail


public void updateNewMessageFlags(AlertsDockableWindow win,
                                  boolean newMsg)
Updates newMessage flags


public boolean isNewMessage()
Returns if there are some new unread messages


public void closeAllWindows()
Closes all chat windows

closeAllWindows in class WinManager


protected abstract java.awt.Image getWinImage(AlertsDockableWindow win,
                                              boolean newMsg)
Returns Image which should be used for given window when newMsg status.