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Uses of Interface

Uses of XMLFileDocInterface in edu.ou.kmi.buddyspace.xml

Classes in edu.ou.kmi.buddyspace.xml that implement XMLFileDocInterface
 class FileHandler
          FileHandler provides XML storing/reading in/from files.
 class XMLFileIO
          XMLFileIO provides XML storing/reading in/from files.

Fields in edu.ou.kmi.buddyspace.xml declared as XMLFileDocInterface
protected  XMLFileDocInterface XMLFileDocHandler.isi
          instantiating handler, used for sending messages back up the pipe.
private  XMLFileDocInterface FileHandler.listener

Methods in edu.ou.kmi.buddyspace.xml with parameters of type XMLFileDocInterface
 void XMLFileDocHandler.setDataHandler(XMLFileDocInterface isi)
          set the XMLFileDocInterface, used to inform client code of new received data.
 void FileHandler.setListener(XMLFileDocInterface listener)
          Sets listener