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Package edu.stanford.genetics.treeview

Interface Summary
ColorSetI This is a general interface to color sets.
ConfigNode Defines an interface for storage of key-value pairs.
ConfigNodePersistent Defines an interface by which objects can be bound to ConfigNodes.
ContrastSelectable Mostly a fossil interface, since the only contrast selectable thing is the ColorExtractor.
DataModel This file defines the bare bones of what needs to implemented by a data model which wants to be used with a ViewFrame and some ModelViews.
HeaderInfo Interface to access header info about genes or arrays.
MainPanel implementing objects are expected to be subclasses of component.

Class Summary
BrowserControl Abstract class to allow platform-independant control of an external web browser
CancelableSettingsDialog this is a dialog which displays a single cancelable settings panel
CdtFilter Class to filter through files for .cdt and .pcl files.
CdtSelection A quasi-model independant selection model for genes, arrays, gene trees, and array trees.
ColorIcon A little icon with a changeable color.
ColorPanel encapsulates a panel which can be used to edit a single color within a color set.
ConfigColorSet a color set which can be stored in an ConfigNode.
ConfigColorSetEditor This class allows editing of a color set.
ContainerFocusTracker Note: I, Alok, didn't write this class.
Debug I, Alok, didn't write this.
Dpoint Class to represent pair of doubles
DragGridPanel A Panel which is divided into a rectangular grid which the user can change.
DummyConfigNode This interface defines a ConfigNode without persistence...
FileMru This class encapsulates an xml-based most recently used list of files
FileMruEditor This class allows you to edit the file mru, and also get some info about them
FileScanner This class implements a scanner which calculates how many lines are in a filew the number of tabs in a line It will throw an exception if there are not the same number of tabs in every line
FileSet Encapsulates a set of files corresponding to a typical hieararichal cluster analysis.
GeneListMaker This class is designed to save lists of genes to a file.
HeaderSummary this class generates a single string summary of a HeaderInfo.
HidePanel This class simply displays a close button centered in a panel.
LinearTransformation this class encapuslates a linear equation.
LinkedViewFrame This class implements the GUI portion of the LinkedView application
MacBrowserControl Subclass for mac
ModelessSettingsDialog this is a dialog which displays a modeless settings dialog.
ModelView superclass, to hold info and code common to all model views This currently consists of buffer management, status and hints panels.
ModelViewBuffered superclass, to hold info and code common to all model views This adds buffer management to the modelview.
ModelViewProduced superclass, to hold info and code common to all model views This adds buffer management to the modelview.
Popup This popup was originally designed to do the About message, but now it's a generic way to display a dismissable array of strings
PresetEditor This class extracts Urls from HeaderInfo.
QSortAlgorithm 19 Feb 1996: Fixed to avoid infinite loop discoved by Paul Haeberli.
SwingWorker This is the 3rd version of SwingWorker (also known as SwingWorker 3), an abstract class that you subclass to perform GUI-related work in a dedicated thread.
SwingWorker.ThreadVar Class to maintain reference to current worker thread under separate synchronization control.
TestViewFrame Internal test class, used only by main test case.
UnixBrowserControl Subclass for unix
UrlEditor This class extracts Urls from HeaderInfo.
UrlExtractor This class extracts Urls from HeaderInfo.
UrlExtractor2 This is the second url extraction class I'm writing.
UrlPresets This class encapsulates a list of URL presets.
UrlScanner Scan a resource to find the number of tabs and newlines in it.
UrlSettingsPanel This class displays editable Url settings.
ViewFrame Any frame that wants to contain MainPanels must extend this.
Win32BrowserControl Win32 browser control subclass for windows
WinNTBrowserControl Win32 browser control subclass for windows
XmlConfig This is a generic class for maintaining a configuration registry for documents.

Exception Summary