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edu.stanford.genetics.treeview.model: Javadoc index of package edu.stanford.genetics.treeview.model.

Package Samples:



ProgressTrackable: The idea here is that objects which implement this interface can have their progress depicted by a progress bar. You could define a specialized timer class which kept pointers to a ProgressTrackable and a JProgressBar, and every few hundred milliseconds made sure that the JProgressBar reflected the ProgressTrackable. Asynchronously, you could have another thread change the values in the ProgressTrackable.
FlatFileStreamTokenizer: implements the "lexical structure" of flat files basically, calling nextToken returns a series of words, nulls and newlines, and finally an EOF. Note that numbers are not parsed by the tokenizer. Also, there is no enforcement of the correct number of tokens per line. it will, however, filter out blank lines.
FlatFileParser: parses a tab-delimitted file into a vector of String []. Each String [] represents a row of the file. This object should be created and configured. None of the real action gets started until the loadIntoTable() routine is called. After loading, the object can be reconfigured and reused to load other files.
LoadProgress2: This is like the original loadProgress, but it adds a setPhaseValue(int), setPhaseMax(int) and setPhaseText(String);

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