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Class ConfigureProjectPanel  view ConfigureProjectPanel download

  extended byValidatableTabComponent
      extended byedu.stanford.smi.protege.ui.ConfigureProjectPanel

public class ConfigureProjectPanel
extends ValidatableTabComponent

The global configuration panel. This panel consists of a set of tabs that each handles a specific part of the configuration. Class has been expanded to allow user defined configuration tabs in the project configuration panel. To add a new tab to the configuration panel, call: ConfigureProjectPanel.registerConfigureTab(String tabTitle, String clsName) To remove a tab from the configuration panel, call: ConfigureProjectPanel.unregisterConfigureTab(String configTabName)

Nested Class Summary
(package private) static class ConfigureProjectPanel.TabNameClsPair
Field Summary
private  Project _project
private static java.util.ArrayList userDefinedConfigTabs
Constructor Summary
ConfigureProjectPanel(Project project)
Method Summary
private  void addConfigTab(java.lang.String tabName, java.lang.String tabClassName)
private  void addUserDefinedConfigTabs()
static void registerConfigureTab(java.lang.String tabTitle, java.lang.String clsName)
static void unregisterConfigureTab(java.lang.String configTabName)
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Field Detail


private static java.util.ArrayList userDefinedConfigTabs


private Project _project
Constructor Detail


public ConfigureProjectPanel(Project project)
Method Detail


private void addUserDefinedConfigTabs()


private void addConfigTab(java.lang.String tabName,
                          java.lang.String tabClassName)


public static void registerConfigureTab(java.lang.String tabTitle,
                                        java.lang.String clsName)


public static void unregisterConfigureTab(java.lang.String configTabName)