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Package edu.ucsb.ccs.jcontractor

Interface Summary
InstrumentationFilter Interface for instrumentation filters, which control the level to which classes are instrumented.

Class Summary
CompositeInstrumentationFilter An instrumentation filter that combines other instrumentation filters.
InstrumentationFilter_CONTRACT Contract class for InstrumentationFilter.
jContractor Main entry point into the jContractor system.
jContractorClassLoader A class loader than uses jInstrument to instrument classes are they are loaded.
jContractorRuntime This class is used internally by jContractor, and should never be used by others.
jInstrument Utility to read in class files and instrument class methods to enforce jContractor contracts.
PackageLevelInstrumentationFilter An instrumentation filter that assigns instrumentation level by package (or class, if desired).
SimpleInstrumentationFilter An instrumentation filter that assign the same instrumentation level to all classes.

Exception Summary
InstrumentationException An exception that is thrown by jInstrument if it is unable to instrument a class.

Error Summary
InvariantViolationError An error that will be thrown when a class invariant is violated.
PostconditionViolationError An error that will be thrown when a postcondition is violated.
PreconditionViolationError An error that will be thrown when a precondition is violated.