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filters: Javadoc index of package filters.

Package Samples:



SetCharacterEncodingFilter: Example filter that sets the character encoding to be used in parsing the incoming request, either unconditionally or only if the client did not specify a character encoding. Configuration of this filter is based on the following initialization parameters: encoding - The character encoding to be configured for this request, either conditionally or unconditionally based on the ignore initialization parameter. This parameter is required, so there is no default. ignore - If set to "true", any character encoding specified by the client is ignored, and the value returned by the selectEncoding() method ...
ExampleFilter: Example filter that can be attached to either an individual servlet or to a URL pattern. This filter performs the following functions: Attaches itself as a request attribute, under the attribute name defined by the value of the attribute initialization parameter. Calculates the number of milliseconds required to perform the servlet processing required by this request, including any subsequently defined filters, and logs the result to the servlet context log for this application.
RequestDumperFilter: Example filter that dumps interesting state information about a request to the associated servlet context log file, before allowing the servlet to process the request in the usual way. This can be installed as needed to assist in debugging problems.

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