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Package freemarker.cache

Interface Summary
CacheStorage Cache storage abstracts away the storage aspects of a cache - associating an object with a key, retrieval and removal via the key.
TemplateLoader A template loader is an object that can find the source stream for a template, can retrieve its time of last modification as well as the stream itself.

Class Summary
ClassTemplateLoader A TemplateLoader that uses streams reachable through Class.getResourceAsStream(String)>Class.getResourceAsStream(String) 55 as its source of templates.
FileTemplateLoader A TemplateLoader that uses files in a specified directory as the source of templates.
MruCacheStorage A cache storage that implements a two-level Most Recently Used cache.
MultiTemplateLoader A TemplateLoader that uses a set of other loaders to load the templates.
MultiTemplateLoader.MultiSource Represents a template source bound to a specific template loader.
SoftCacheStorage Deprecated. use MruCacheStorage instead.
StringTemplateLoader A TemplateLoader that uses a Map with Strings as its source of templates.
StrongCacheStorage Deprecated. use MruCacheStorage instead.
TemplateCache A class that performs caching and on-demand loading of the templates.
TemplateCache.CachedTemplate This class holds the cached template and associated information (the source object, and the last-checked and last-modified timestamps).
TemplateCache.TemplateKey This class holds a (name, locale) pair and is used as the key in the cached templates map.
URLTemplateLoader This is an abstract template loader that can load templates whose location can be described by an URL.
URLTemplateSource Wraps a, and implements methods required for a typical template source.
WebappTemplateLoader A TemplateLoader that uses streams reachable through ServletContext.getResource(String)>ServletContext.getResource(String) 55 as its source of templates.