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public interface: CacheStorage [javadoc | source]

All Known Implementing Classes:
    ConcurrentCacheStorage, MruCacheStorage, StrongCacheStorage, SoftCacheStorage

Cache storage abstracts away the storage aspects of a cache - associating an object with a key, retrieval and removal via the key. It is actually a small subset of the java.util.Map interface. The implementations can be coded in a non-threadsafe manner as the natural user of the cache storage, TemplateCache does the necessary synchronization.
Method from freemarker.cache.CacheStorage Summary:
clear,   get,   put,   remove
Method from freemarker.cache.CacheStorage Detail:
 public  void clear()
 public Object get(Object key)
 public  void put(Object key,
    Object value)
 public  void remove(Object key)