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public class: MultiTemplateLoader [javadoc | source]

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A TemplateLoader that uses a set of other loaders to load the templates. On every request, loaders are queried in the order of their appearance in the array of loaders that this Loader owns. If a request for some template name was already satisfied in the past by one of the loaders, that Loader is queried first (a soft affinity). This class is NOT thread-safe. If it is accessed from multiple threads concurrently, proper synchronization must be provided by the callers. Note that TemplateCache , the natural user of this class provides the necessary synchronizations when it uses the class.
 public MultiTemplateLoader(TemplateLoader[] loaders) 
    Creates a new multi template Loader that will use the specified loaders.
    loaders - the loaders that are used to load templates.
Method from freemarker.cache.MultiTemplateLoader Summary:
closeTemplateSource,   findTemplateSource,   getLastModified,   getReader,   resetState
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Method from freemarker.cache.MultiTemplateLoader Detail:
 public  void closeTemplateSource(Object templateSource) throws IOException 
 public Object findTemplateSource(String name) throws IOException 
 public long getLastModified(Object templateSource) 
 public Reader getReader(Object templateSource,
    String encoding) throws IOException 
 public  void resetState()