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CacheStorage   Cache storage abstracts away the storage aspects of a cache - associating an object with a key, retrieval and removal via the key.  code | html
ConcurrentCacheStorage   An optional interface for cache storage that knows whether it can be concurrently accessible without synchronization.  code | html
StatefulTemplateLoader   Interface that can be implemented by template loaders that maintain some sort of internal state (i.e.  code | html
TemplateLoader   A template loader is an object that can find the source stream for a template, can retrieve its time of last modification as well as the stream itself.  code | html

Abstract Classes:

URLTemplateLoader   This is an abstract template loader that can load templates whose location can be described by an URL.  code | html


ClassTemplateLoader   A TemplateLoader that uses streams reachable through Class#getResourceAsStream(String) as its source of templates.  code | html
ConcurrentMapFactory     code | html
FileTemplateLoader   A TemplateLoader that uses files in a specified directory as the source of templates.  code | html
MruCacheStorage   A cache storage that implements a two-level Most Recently Used cache.  code | html
MruCacheStorage.MruEntry     code | html
MruCacheStorage.MruReference     code | html
MultiTemplateLoader   A TemplateLoader that uses a set of other loaders to load the templates.  code | html
MultiTemplateLoader.MultiSource   Represents a template source bound to a specific template loader.  code | html
SoftCacheStorage   Soft cache storage is a cache storage that uses SoftReference objects to hold the objects it was passed, therefore allows the garbage collector to purge the cache when it determines that it wants to free up memory.  code | html
SoftCacheStorage.SoftValueReference     code | html
StringTemplateLoader   A TemplateLoader that uses a Map with Strings as its source of templates.  code | html
StringTemplateLoader.StringTemplateSource     code | html
StrongCacheStorage   Strong cache storage is a cache storage that simply wraps a Map code | html
TemplateCache   A class that performs caching and on-demand loading of the templates.  code | html
TemplateCache.CachedTemplate   This class holds the cached template and associated information (the source object, and the last-checked and last-modified timestamps).  code | html
TemplateCache.TemplateKey   This class holds a (name, locale) pair and is used as the key in the cached templates map.  code | html
URLTemplateSource   Wraps a java.net.URL, and implements methods required for a typical template source.  code | html
WebappTemplateLoader   A TemplateLoader that uses streams reachable through ServletContext#getResource(String) as its source of templates.  code | html