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final class: IteratorBlock [javadoc | source]

All Implemented Interfaces:

An instruction that processes a list or foreach block
Nested Class Summary:
class  IteratorBlock.Context  A helper class that holds the context of the loop. 
Fields inherited from freemarker.core.TemplateElement:
parent,  nestedBlock,  nestedElements
Fields inherited from freemarker.core.TemplateObject:
beginColumn,  beginLine,  endColumn,  endLine
 IteratorBlock(Expression listExpression,
    String indexName,
    TemplateElement nestedBlock,
    boolean isForEach) 
    listExpression - a variable referring to a sequence or collection
    indexName - an arbitrary index variable name
    nestedBlock - the nestedBlock to iterate over
Method from freemarker.core.IteratorBlock Summary:
accept,   getCanonicalForm,   getDescription
Methods from freemarker.core.TemplateElement:
accept,   children,   getAllowsChildren,   getChildAt,   getChildCount,   getChildNodes,   getDescription,   getIndex,   getNodeName,   getNodeNamespace,   getNodeType,   getParent,   getParentNode,   heedsOpeningWhitespace,   heedsTrailingWhitespace,   isIgnorable,   isLeaf,   nextSibling,   nextTerminalNode,   postParseCleanup,   prevTerminalNode,   previousSibling,   setChildAt,   setParentRecursively
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assertNonNull,   contains,   copyLocationFrom,   getBeginColumn,   getBeginLine,   getCanonicalForm,   getEndColumn,   getEndLine,   getEndLocation,   getSource,   getStartLocation,   getTemplate,   invalidTypeException,   setLocation,   setLocation,   setLocation,   setLocation,   setLocation,   toString
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equals,   getClass,   hashCode,   notify,   notifyAll,   toString,   wait,   wait,   wait
Method from freemarker.core.IteratorBlock Detail:
  void accept(Environment env) throws IOException, TemplateException 
 public String getCanonicalForm() 
 public String getDescription()