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FMParserConstants     code | html
LocalContext   An interface that represents a local context.  code | html

Abstract Classes:

ArithmeticEngine   Class to perform arithmetic operations.  code | html
BooleanExpression     code | html
BuiltIn   The ? operator used to get the functionality of built-in unary operators  code | html
Expression   An abstract class for nodes in the parse tree that represent a FreeMarker expression.  code | html
FreeMarkerTree     code | html
NodeBuiltins   A holder for builtins that operate on TemplateNodeModels.  code | html
NodeBuiltins.NodeBuiltIn     code | html
NumericalBuiltins   A holder for builtins that operate exclusively on TemplateSequenceModels.  code | html
NumericalBuiltins.NumberBuiltIn     code | html
RegexBuiltins   This is a first-pass implementation of regular expression support.  code | html
SequenceBuiltins   A holder for builtins that operate exclusively on TemplateSequenceModels.  code | html
SequenceBuiltins.SequenceBuiltIn     code | html
StringBuiltins   A holder for builtins that operate exclusively on strings.  code | html
StringBuiltins.StringBuiltIn     code | html
TemplateElement   Objects that represent elements in the compiled tree representation of the template necessarily descend from this abstract class.  code | html
TemplateObject   Objects that represent instructions or expressions in the compiled tree representation of the template all descend from this abstract base class.  code | html


AddConcatExpression   An operator for the + operator.  code | html
AddConcatExpression.ConcatenatedHash     code | html
AddConcatExpression.ConcatenatedHashEx     code | html
AddConcatExpression.ConcatenatedSequence     code | html
AndExpression     code | html
ArithmeticEngine.BigDecimalEngine   This is the default arithmetic engine in FreeMarker.  code | html
ArithmeticEngine.ConservativeEngine   An arithmetic engine that conservatively widens the operation arguments to extent that they can hold the result of the operation.  code | html
ArithmeticExpression   An operator for arithmetic operations.  code | html
Assignment   An instruction that assigns a literal or reference, to a single-identifier variable.  code | html
AssignmentInstruction   An instruction that contains one or more assignments  code | html
AttemptBlock     code | html
BlockAssignment     code | html
BlockAssignment.CaptureOutput     code | html
BodyInstruction   An instruction that processes the nested block within a macro instruction.  code | html
BodyInstruction.Context     code | html
BooleanLiteral     code | html
BreakInstruction   Represents a <break> instruction to break out of a loop.  code | html
BreakInstruction.Break     code | html
BuiltIn.containsBI     code | html
BuiltIn.containsBI.BIMethod     code | html
BuiltIn.dateBI     code | html
BuiltIn.dateBI.DateParser     code | html
BuiltIn.defaultBI     code | html
BuiltIn.defaultBI.ConstantMethod     code | html
BuiltIn.ends_withBI     code | html
BuiltIn.ends_withBI.BIMethod     code | html
BuiltIn.existsBI     code | html
BuiltIn.has_contentBI     code | html
BuiltIn.htmlBI     code | html
BuiltIn.if_existsBI     code | html
BuiltIn.index_ofBI     code | html
BuiltIn.index_ofBI.BIMethod     code | html
BuiltIn.is_booleanBI     code | html
BuiltIn.is_collectionBI     code | html
BuiltIn.is_dateBI     code | html
BuiltIn.is_directiveBI     code | html
BuiltIn.is_enumerableBI     code | html
BuiltIn.is_hashBI     code | html
BuiltIn.is_hash_exBI     code | html
BuiltIn.is_indexableBI     code | html
BuiltIn.is_macroBI     code | html
BuiltIn.is_methodBI     code | html
BuiltIn.is_nodeBI     code | html
BuiltIn.is_numberBI     code | html
BuiltIn.is_sequenceBI     code | html
BuiltIn.is_stringBI     code | html
BuiltIn.is_transformBI     code | html
BuiltIn.keysBI     code | html
BuiltIn.last_index_ofBI     code | html
BuiltIn.last_index_ofBI.BIMethod     code | html
BuiltIn.left_padBI     code | html
BuiltIn.left_padBI.BIMethod     code | html
BuiltIn.lengthBI     code | html
BuiltIn.namespaceBI     code | html
BuiltIn.replaceBI     code | html
BuiltIn.replaceBI.BIMethod     code | html
BuiltIn.right_padBI     code | html
BuiltIn.right_padBI.BIMethod     code | html
BuiltIn.rtfBI     code | html
BuiltIn.sizeBI     code | html
BuiltIn.splitBI     code | html
BuiltIn.splitBI.BIMethod     code | html
BuiltIn.starts_withBI     code | html
BuiltIn.starts_withBI.BIMethod     code | html
BuiltIn.stringBI     code | html
BuiltIn.stringBI.BooleanFormatter     code | html
BuiltIn.stringBI.DateFormatter     code | html
BuiltIn.stringBI.NumberFormatter     code | html
BuiltIn.trimBI     code | html
BuiltIn.urlBI     code | html
BuiltIn.urlBI.urlBIResult     code | html
BuiltIn.valuesBI     code | html
BuiltIn.xmlBI     code | html
BuiltinVariable   A reference to a built-in identifier, such as .root  code | html
BuiltinVariable.VarsHash     code | html
Case   Represents a case in a switch statement.  code | html
CollectionAndSequence   Add sequence capabilities to an existing collection, or vice versa.  code | html
CollectionAndSequence.SequenceIterator     code | html
CommandLine   FreeMarker command-line utility, the Main-Class of freemarker.jar code | html
Comment   A template element where the content is ignored, a Comment.  code | html
ComparisonExpression   A class that handles comparisons.  code | html
CompressedBlock   An instruction that reduces all sequences of whitespace to a single space or newline.  code | html
ConditionalBlock   An element that represents a conditionally executed block.  code | html
Configurable   This is a common superclass of freemarker.template.Configuration , freemarker.template.Template , and Environment classes.  code | html
Configurable.UnknownSettingException     code | html
CustomAttribute   A class that allows one to associate custom data with a configuration, a template, or environment.  code | html
DebugBreak     code | html
DefaultToExpression     code | html
DefaultToExpression.EmptyStringAndSequence     code | html
DollarVariable   An instruction that outputs the value of an Expression code | html
Dot   The dot operator.  code | html
DynamicKeyName   A unary operator that uses the string value of an expression as a hash key.  code | html
Environment   Object that represents the runtime environment during template processing.  code | html
Environment.DateFormatKey     code | html
Environment.Namespace     code | html
Environment.NumberFormatKey     code | html
EscapeBlock   Representation of the compile-time Escape directive.  code | html
EvaluationUtil     code | html
ExistsExpression     code | html
FMParser   This class is generated by JavaCC from a grammar file.  code | html
FMParser.JJCalls     code | html
FMParser.LookaheadSuccess     code | html
FMParserTokenManager     code | html
FallbackInstruction     code | html
FlushInstruction   An instruction that flushes the output stream.  code | html
HashLiteral     code | html
HashLiteral.SequenceHash     code | html
Identifier   A reference to a top-level variable  code | html
IfBlock   A instruction that handles if-elseif-else blocks.  code | html
Include   An instruction that gets another template and processes it within the current template.  code | html
Interpret   A method that takes a parameter and evaluates it as a scalar, then treats that scalar as template source code and returns a transform model that evaluates the template in place.  code | html
Interpret.TemplateProcessorModel     code | html
InvalidReferenceException   A subclass of TemplateException that says there is no value associated with a given expression.  code | html
IteratorBlock   An instruction that processes a list or foreach block  code | html
IteratorBlock.Context   A helper class that holds the context of the loop.  code | html
LibraryLoad   An instruction that gets another template and processes it within the current template.  code | html
ListLiteral     code | html
Macro   An element representing a macro declaration.  code | html
Macro.Context     code | html
MethodCall   A unary operator that calls a TemplateMethodModel.  code | html
MixedContent   Encapsulates an array of TemplateElement objects.  code | html
NewBI   A built-in that allows us to instantiate an instance of a java class.  code | html
NewBI.ConstructorFunction     code | html
NoEscapeBlock     code | html
NodeBuiltins.AncestorSequence     code | html
NodeBuiltins.ancestorsBI     code | html
NodeBuiltins.childrenBI     code | html
NodeBuiltins.node_nameBI     code | html
NodeBuiltins.node_namespaceBI     code | html
NodeBuiltins.node_typeBI     code | html
NodeBuiltins.parentBI     code | html
NodeBuiltins.rootBI     code | html
NonBooleanException   A subclass of TemplateException that indicates that the internals expected an expression to evaluate to a boolean value and it didn't.  code | html
NonNumericalException   A subclass of TemplateException that indicates that the internals expected an expression to evaluate to a numerical value and it didn't.  code | html
NonStringException   A subclass of TemplateException that indicates that the internals expected an expression to evaluate to a string or numeric value and it didn't.  code | html
NotExpression     code | html
NumberLiteral   A simple implementation of the TemplateNumberModel interface.  code | html
NumericalBuiltins.byteBI     code | html
NumericalBuiltins.cBI     code | html
NumericalBuiltins.ceilingBI     code | html
NumericalBuiltins.doubleBI     code | html
NumericalBuiltins.floatBI     code | html
NumericalBuiltins.floorBI     code | html
NumericalBuiltins.intBI     code | html
NumericalBuiltins.longBI     code | html
NumericalBuiltins.roundBI     code | html
NumericalBuiltins.shortBI     code | html
NumericalOutput   An instruction that outputs the value of a numerical expression.  code | html
NumericalOutput.FormatHolder     code | html
NumericalRange   A class that represents a Range between two integers.  code | html
OrExpression     code | html
ParentheticalExpression     code | html
ParseException   This exception is thrown when parse errors are encountered.  code | html
PropertySetting   An instruction that sets a property of the template rendering environment.  code | html
Range   A class that represents a Range between two integers.  code | html
RecoveryBlock     code | html
RecurseNode   An instruction to visit the children of a node.  code | html
RegexBuiltins.MatcherBuilder     code | html
RegexBuiltins.RegexMatchModel     code | html
RegexBuiltins.RegexMatchModel.Match     code | html
RegexBuiltins.ReplaceMethod     code | html
RegexBuiltins.SplitMethod     code | html
RegexBuiltins.groupsBI     code | html
RegexBuiltins.matchesBI     code | html
RegexBuiltins.replace_reBI     code | html
RegexBuiltins.split_reBI     code | html
ReturnInstruction   Represents a <return> instruction to jump out of a macro.  code | html
ReturnInstruction.Return     code | html
SequenceBuiltins.chunkBI     code | html
SequenceBuiltins.chunkBI.BIMethod     code | html
SequenceBuiltins.chunkBI.ChunkedSequence     code | html
SequenceBuiltins.firstBI     code | html
SequenceBuiltins.lastBI     code | html
SequenceBuiltins.reverseBI     code | html
SequenceBuiltins.reverseBI.ReverseSequence     code | html
SequenceBuiltins.seq_containsBI     code | html
SequenceBuiltins.seq_containsBI.BIMethodForCollection     code | html
SequenceBuiltins.seq_containsBI.BIMethodForSequence     code | html
SequenceBuiltins.seq_index_ofBI     code | html
SequenceBuiltins.seq_index_ofBI.BIMethod     code | html
SequenceBuiltins.sortBI     code | html
SequenceBuiltins.sortBI.DateKVPComparator     code | html
SequenceBuiltins.sortBI.KVP     code | html
SequenceBuiltins.sortBI.LexicalKVPComparator     code | html
SequenceBuiltins.sortBI.NumericalKVPComparator     code | html
SequenceBuiltins.sort_byBI     code | html
SequenceBuiltins.sort_byBI.BIMethod     code | html
SimpleCharStream   An implementation of interface CharStream, where the stream is assumed to contain only ASCII characters (without unicode processing).  code | html
StopException   This exception is thrown when a <stop> directive is encountered.  code | html
StopInstruction   Represents a <stop> instruction to abort template processing.  code | html
StringArraySequence   Sequence variable implementation that wraps a String[] with relatively low resource utilization.  code | html
StringBuiltins.cap_firstBI     code | html
StringBuiltins.capitalizeBI     code | html
StringBuiltins.chop_linebreakBI     code | html
StringBuiltins.evalBI     code | html
StringBuiltins.j_stringBI     code | html
StringBuiltins.js_stringBI     code | html
StringBuiltins.lower_caseBI     code | html
StringBuiltins.numberBI     code | html
StringBuiltins.substringBI     code | html
StringBuiltins.uncap_firstBI     code | html
StringBuiltins.upper_caseBI     code | html
StringBuiltins.word_listBI     code | html
StringLiteral     code | html
SwitchBlock   An instruction representing a switch-case structure.  code | html
TextBlock   A TemplateElement representing a block of plain text.  code | html
Token   Describes the input token stream.  code | html
TokenMgrError     code | html
TransformBlock   A template element that contains a nested block that is transformed according to an instance of T TemplateTransformModel  code | html
TrimInstruction   An instruction that indicates that that opening and trailing whitespace on this line should be trimmed.  code | html
UnaryPlusMinusExpression     code | html
UnifiedCall   An element for the unified macro/transform syntax.  code | html
VisitNode   An instruction to visit an XML node.  code | html