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public interface: DebuggedEnvironment [javadoc | source]

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Represents the debugger-side mirror of a debugged freemarker.core.Environment object in the remote VM. This interface extends DebugModel , and the properties of the Environment are exposed as hash keys on it. Specifically, the following keys are supported: "currentNamespace", "dataModel", "globalNamespace", "knownVariables", "mainNamespace", and "template".

The debug model for the template supports keys "configuration" and "name".

The debug model for the configuration supports key "sharedVariables".

Additionally, all of the debug models for environment, template, and configuration also support all the setting keys of freemarker.core.Configurable objects.

Method from freemarker.debug.DebuggedEnvironment Summary:
getId,   resume,   stop
Method from freemarker.debug.DebuggedEnvironment Detail:
 public long getId() throws RemoteException
    Returns a unique identifier for this environment
 public  void resume() throws RemoteException
    Resumes the processing of the environment in the remote VM after it was stopped on a breakpoint.
 public  void stop() throws RemoteException
    Stops the processing of the environment after it was stopped on a breakpoint. Causes a freemarker.core.StopException to be thrown in the processing thread in the remote VM.