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public interface: Debugger [javadoc | source]

All Implemented Interfaces:

All Known Implementing Classes:
    RmiDebuggerImpl, LocalDebuggerProxy

The main debugger interface. Allows management of breakpoints as well as installation of listeners for debug events.
Field Summary
public static final  int DEFAULT_PORT     
Method from freemarker.debug.Debugger Summary:
addBreakpoint,   addDebuggerListener,   getBreakpoints,   getBreakpoints,   getSuspendedEnvironments,   removeBreakpoint,   removeBreakpoints,   removeBreakpoints,   removeDebuggerListener
Method from freemarker.debug.Debugger Detail:
 public  void addBreakpoint(Breakpoint breakpoint) throws RemoteException
    Adds a breakpoint
 public Object addDebuggerListener(DebuggerListener listener) throws RemoteException
    Adds a listener for debugger events.
 public List getBreakpoints() throws RemoteException
 public List getBreakpoints(String templateName) throws RemoteException
    Retrieves a list of all Breakpoint objects for the specified template.
 public Collection getSuspendedEnvironments() throws RemoteException
 public  void removeBreakpoint(Breakpoint breakpoint) throws RemoteException
    Removes a single breakpoint
 public  void removeBreakpoints() throws RemoteException
    Removes all breakpoints
 public  void removeBreakpoints(String templateName) throws RemoteException
    Removes all breakpoints for a specific template
 public  void removeDebuggerListener(Object id) throws RemoteException
    Removes a previously added debugger listener.