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abstract public class: DebuggerService [javadoc | source]

Direct Known Subclasses:
    NoOpDebuggerService, RmiDebuggerService

This class provides debugging hooks for the core FreeMarker engine. It is not usable for anyone outside the FreeMarker core classes. It is public only as an implementation detail.
Method from freemarker.debug.impl.DebuggerService Summary:
getBreakpoints,   getBreakpointsSpi,   registerTemplate,   registerTemplateSpi,   suspendEnvironment,   suspendEnvironmentSpi
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Method from freemarker.debug.impl.DebuggerService Detail:
 public static List getBreakpoints(String templateName) 
 abstract List getBreakpointsSpi(String templateName)
 public static  void registerTemplate(Template template) 
 abstract  void registerTemplateSpi(Template template)
 public static boolean suspendEnvironment(Environment env,
    int line) throws RemoteException 
 abstract boolean suspendEnvironmentSpi(Environment env,
    int line) throws RemoteException