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freemarker.debug.impl.* (6)

freemarker.debug: Javadoc index of package freemarker.debug.

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DebuggedEnvironment: Represents the debugger-side mirror of a debugged freemarker.core.Environment object in the remote VM. This interface extends DebugModel , and the properties of the Environment are exposed as hash keys on it. Specifically, the following keys are supported: "currentNamespace", "dataModel", "globalNamespace", "knownVariables", "mainNamespace", and "template". The debug model for the template supports keys "configuration" and "name". The debug model for the configuration supports key "sharedVariables". Additionally, all of the debug models for environment, template, and configuration also support ...
DebugModel: Represents the debugger-side mirror of a TemplateModel object, a Template object, or a Configuration object. The Environment objects are also represented by instances of this model, although not directly but through a separate subinterface DebuggedEnvironment . The interface is a union of almost all of FreeMarker template models with identical method signatures. For purposes of optimizing network traffic there are bulk retrieval methods for sequences and hashes, as well as a getModelTypes() 55 method that returns a bit mask of various TYPE_xxx constants flagging which template models are implemented ...
DebuggerService: This class provides debugging hooks for the core FreeMarker engine. It is not usable for anyone outside the FreeMarker core classes. It is public only as an implementation detail.
Debugger: The main debugger interface. Allows management of breakpoints as well as installation of listeners for debug events.
DebuggerClient: A utility class that allows you to connect to the FreeMarker debugger service running on a specific host and port.
EnvironmentSuspendedEvent: Event describing a suspension of an environment (ie because it hit a breakpoint).
Breakpoint: Represents a breakpoint location consisting of a template name and a line number.
DebuggerListener: An interface for components that wish to receive debugging events.

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