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public class: FreemarkerXmlTask [javadoc | source]

All Implemented Interfaces:
    SelectorContainer, Cloneable

Deprecated! < - a href="http://fmpp.sourceforge.net">FMPP is a more complete solution.

This is an Ant task for transforming XML documents using FreeMarker templates. It uses the adapter class NodeListModel . It will read a set of XML documents, and pass them to the template for processing, building the corresponding output files in the destination directory.

It makes the following variables available to the template in the data model:

It supports the following attributes:

Attribute Description Required
basedir location of the XML files. Defaults to the project's basedir. No
destdir location to store the generated files. Yes
includes comma-separated list of patterns of files that must be included; all files are included when omitted. No
includesfile the name of a file that contains include patterns. No
excludes comma-separated list of patterns of files that must be excluded; no files (except default excludes) are excluded when omitted. No
excludesfile the name of a file that contains exclude patterns. No
defaultexcludes indicates whether default excludes should be used (yes | no); default excludes are used when omitted. No
extension extension of generated files. Defaults to .html. No
template name of the FreeMarker template file that will be applied by default to XML files No
templateDir location of the FreeMarker template(s) to be used, defaults to the project's baseDir No
projectfile path to the project file. The poject file must be an XML file. If omitted, it will not be available to templates No
incremental indicates whether all files should be regenerated (no), or only those that are older than the XML file, the template file, or the project file (yes). Defaults to yes. No
encoding The encoding of the output files. Defaults to platform default encoding. No
templateEncoding The encoding of the template files. Defaults to platform default encoding. No
validation Whether to validate the XML input. Defaults to off. No
models A list of [name=]className pairs separated by spaces, commas, or semicolons that specifies further models that should be available to templates. If name is omitted, the unqualified class name is used as the name. Every class that is specified must implement the TemplateModel interface and have a no-args constructor. No

It supports the following nesed elements:

Element Description Required
prepareModel This element executes Jython script before the processing of each XML files, that you can use to modify the data model. You either enter the Jython script directly nested into this element, or specify a Jython script file with the file attribute. The following variables are added to the Jython runtime's local namespace before the script is invoked:
  • model: The data model as java.util.HashMap. You can read and modify the data model with this variable.
  • doc: The XML document as org.w3c.dom.Document.
  • project: The project document (if used) as org.w3c.dom.Document.
If this element is used, Jython classes (tried with Jython 2.1) must be available.
prepareEnvironment This element executes Jython script before the processing of each XML files, that you can use to modify the freemarker environment (freemarker.core.Environment ). The script is executed after the prepareModel element. The accessible Jython variables are the same as with the prepareModel element, except that there is no model variable, but there is env variable, which is the FreeMarker environment (freemarker.core.Environment ). If this element is used, Jython classes (tried with Jython 2.1) must be available. No
 public FreemarkerXmlTask() 
Method from freemarker.ext.ant.FreemarkerXmlTask Summary:
addConfiguredJython,   addConfiguredPrepareEnvironment,   addConfiguredPrepareModel,   execute,   insertDefaults,   setBasedir,   setDestdir,   setEncoding,   setExtension,   setIncremental,   setModels,   setProjectfile,   setTemplate,   setTemplateDir,   setTemplateEncoding,   setValidation
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Method from freemarker.ext.ant.FreemarkerXmlTask Detail:
 public  void addConfiguredJython(JythonAntTask jythonAntTask) 
 public  void addConfiguredPrepareEnvironment(JythonAntTask prepareEnvironment) 
 public  void addConfiguredPrepareModel(JythonAntTask prepareModel) 
 public  void execute() throws BuildException 
 protected  void insertDefaults(Map root) 
 public  void setBasedir(File dir) 
    Set the base directory. Defaults to .
 public  void setDestdir(File dir) 
    Set the destination directory into which the generated files should be copied to
 public  void setEncoding(String encoding) 
    Set encoding for generated files. Defaults to platform default encoding.
 public  void setExtension(String extension) 
    Set the output file extension. .html by default.
 public  void setIncremental(String incremental) 
    Turn on/off incremental processing. On by default
 public  void setModels(String models) 
 public  void setProjectfile(String projectAttribute) 
    Set the path to the project XML file
 public  void setTemplate(String templateName) 
 public  void setTemplateDir(File templateDir) throws BuildException 
 public  void setTemplateEncoding(String inputEncoding) 
 public  void setValidation(boolean validation) 
    Sets whether to validate the XML input.