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freemarker.ext.ant: Javadoc index of package freemarker.ext.ant.

Package Samples:



FreemarkerXmlTask: This is an Ant task for transforming XML documents using FreeMarker templates. It uses the adapter class freemarker.ext.xml.NodeListModel . It will read a set of XML documents, and pass them to the template for processing, building the corresponding output files in the destination directory. It makes the following variables available to the template in the data model: document : Deprecated! The DOM tree of the currently processed XML file wrapped with the legacy freemarker.ext.xml.NodeListModel . For new projects you should use the .node instead, which initially contains the DOM Document wrapped ...
JythonAntTask: Used internally, public for technical reasons only. This is an Ant sub-task of the FreemarkerXmlTask task. Warning! It must not be statically linked with Jython classes , so users can use the XML ant task even if Jython is not installed.
UnlinkedJythonOperations: This is an interface to do Jython operations, which has no dependecy on Jython classes (hence "unlinked").
UnlinkedJythonOperationsImpl: Used internally, public for technical reasons only.

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