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public class: Transform [javadoc | source]
A class that contains a main() method for command-line invocation of a FreeMarker XML transformation. $id$
 Transform(File inputFile,
    File ftlFile,
    File outputFile,
    Locale locale,
    String encoding) throws IOException 
    inputFile - The file from which to read the XML input
    ftlFile - The file containing the template
    outputFile - The file to which to output. If this is null, we use stdout.
    locale - The locale to use. If this is null, we use the platform default.
    encoding - The character encoding to use for output, if this is null, we use the platform default
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localeFromString,   main,   transform,   transformFromArgs,   usage
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Method from freemarker.ext.dom.Transform Detail:
 static Locale localeFromString(String ls) 
 public static  void main(String[] args) 
    A convenient main() method for command-line invocation.
  void transform() throws Exception 
    Performs the transformation.
 static Transform transformFromArgs(String[] args) throws IOException 
 static  void usage()