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XPathSupport     code | html

Abstract Classes:

NodeModel   A base class for wrapping a W3C DOM Node as a FreeMarker template model.  code | html


AttributeNodeModel     code | html
CharacterDataNodeModel     code | html
DocumentModel   A class that wraps the root node of a parsed XML document, using the W3C DOM API.  code | html
DocumentTypeModel     code | html
ElementModel     code | html
JaxenXPathSupport     code | html
JaxenXPathSupport.FmEntityResolver     code | html
NodeListModel     code | html
NodeOutputter     code | html
PINodeModel     code | html
SunInternalXalanXPathSupport   This is just the XalanXPathSupport class using the sun internal package names  code | html
Transform   A class that contains a main() method for command-line invocation of a FreeMarker XML transformation.  code | html
XalanXPathSupport   Some glue code that bridges the Xalan XPath stuff (that is built into the JDK 1.4.x) with FreeMarker TemplateModel semantics  code | html