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Abstract Classes:

FreeMarkerJspFactory     code | html
FreeMarkerPageContext     code | html


EventForwarding   An instance of this class should be registered as a <listener> in the web.xml descriptor in order to correctly dispatch events to event listeners that are specified in TLD files.  code | html
FreeMarkerJspApplicationContext     code | html
FreeMarkerJspApplicationContext.FreeMarkerELContext     code | html
FreeMarkerJspFactory2     code | html
FreeMarkerJspFactory21     code | html
FreeMarkerPageContext.TemplateHashModelExEnumeration     code | html
FreeMarkerPageContext1     code | html
FreeMarkerPageContext2   Implementation of PageContext that contains JSP 2.0 specific methods.  code | html
FreeMarkerPageContext21   Implementation of PageContext that contains JSP 2.0 and JSP 2.1 specific methods.  code | html
FreemarkerTag   Simple implementation of JSP tag to allow use of FreeMarker templates in JSP.  code | html
JspContextModel     code | html
JspTagModelBase     code | html
JspWriterAdapter     code | html
PageContextFactory     code | html
SimpleTagDirectiveModel     code | html
TagTransformModel     code | html
TagTransformModel.BodyContentImpl   An implementation of BodyContent that buffers it's input to a char[].  code | html
TagTransformModel.TagWriter     code | html
TaglibFactory   A hash model associated with a servlet context that can load JSP tag libraries associated with that servlet context.  code | html
TaglibFactory.LocalTaglibDtds     code | html
TaglibFactory.Taglib     code | html
TaglibFactory.TldParser     code | html
TaglibFactory.TldUriReader     code | html
TaglibFactory.WebXmlParser     code | html