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freemarker.ext.jython: Javadoc index of package freemarker.ext.jython.

Package Samples:



JythonHashModel: Model for Jython dictionaries ( org.python.core.PyDictionary and org.python.core.PyStringMap ). Note that the basic JythonModel already provides access to the PyObject#__finditem__(String) method. This class only adds freemarker.template.TemplateHashModelEx functionality in a somewhat skewed way. One could say it even violates TemplateHashModelEx semantics, as both the returned keys and values are only those from the item mapping, while the get() method works for attributes as well. However, in practice when you ask for dict?keys inside a template, you'll really want to retrieve only items, not ...
JythonNumberModel: Model for Jython numeric objects ( org.python.core.PyInteger , org.python.core.PyLong , org.python.core.PyFloat ).
JythonWrapper: An object wrapper that wraps Jython objects into FreeMarker template models and vice versa.
JythonSequenceModel: Model for Jython sequence objects ( org.python.core.PySequence descendants).
JythonModel: Generic model for arbitrary Jython objects.

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