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freemarker.ext.servlet: Javadoc index of package freemarker.ext.servlet.

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FreemarkerServlet: This is a general-purpose FreeMarker view servlet. The main features are: It makes all request, request parameters, session, and servlet context attributes available to templates through Request , RequestParameters , Session , and Application variables. The scope variables are also available via automatic scope discovery. That is, writing Application.attrName , Session.attrName , Request.attrName is not mandatory; it's enough to write attrName , and if no such variable was created in the template, it will search the variable in Request , and then in Session , and finally in Application . It creates ...
AllHttpScopesHashModel: An extension of SimpleHash that looks up keys in the hash, then in the request, session, and servlet context scopes. Makes "Application", "Session" and "Request" keys largely obsolete, however we keep them for backward compatibility (also, "Request" is required for proper operation of JSP taglibs). It is on purpose that we didn't override keys and values methods. That way, only those variables assigned into the hash directly by a subclass of FreemarkerServlet that overrides preTemplateProcess ) are discovered as "page" variables by the FM JSP PageContext implementation.
HttpRequestHashModel: TemplateHashModel wrapper for a HttpServletRequest attributes.
HttpRequestParametersHashModel: TemplateHashModel wrapper for a HttpServletRequest parameters.
ServletContextHashModel: TemplateHashModel wrapper for a ServletContext attributes.
HttpSessionHashModel: TemplateHashModel wrapper for a HttpSession attributes.

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