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abstract public class: ModelCache [javadoc | source]

Direct Known Subclasses:
    JythonModelCache, BeansModelCache

Internally used by various wrapper implementations to implement model caching.
 protected ModelCache() 
Method from freemarker.ext.util.ModelCache Summary:
clearCache,   create,   getInstance,   isCacheable,   setUseCache
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Method from freemarker.ext.util.ModelCache Detail:
 public  void clearCache() 
 abstract protected TemplateModel create(Object object)
 public TemplateModel getInstance(Object object) 
 abstract protected boolean isCacheable(Object object)
 public synchronized  void setUseCache(boolean useCache) 
    Sets whether this wrapper caches model instances. Default is false. When set to true, calling #getInstance(Object) multiple times for the same object will return the same model.