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public interface: WrapperTemplateModel [javadoc | source]

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All Known Implementing Classes:
    JythonHashModel, DocumentModel, AttributeNodeModel, EnumerationModel, JythonModel, CharacterDataNodeModel, PINodeModel, NodeModel, DocumentTypeModel, JythonNumberModel, DateModel, ResourceBundleModel, BooleanModel, SimpleMapModel, JythonSequenceModel, ElementModel, StringModel, CollectionModel, ArrayModel, BeanModel, MapModel, NumberModel, IteratorModel

Deprecated! use - freemarker.template.AdapterTemplateModel instead.

A generic interface for template models that wrap some underlying object, and wish to provide access to the wrapped object.
Method from freemarker.ext.util.WrapperTemplateModel Summary:
Method from freemarker.ext.util.WrapperTemplateModel Detail:
 public Object getWrappedObject()       Deprecated!
    Retrieves the object wrapped by this model.