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freemarker.ext.util: Javadoc index of package freemarker.ext.util.

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IdentityHashMap: A variant of java.util.HashMap that uses System.identityHashCode(Object) > System.identityHashCode(Object) 55 for hashing, and reference comparison instead of Object.equals(Object) > Object.equals(Object) 55 . Note that this applies only to keys, and not to values, i.e. containsValue(Object) 55 still uses Object.equals(Object) > Object.equals(Object) 55 .
ModelFactory: Internal interface used to create various wrapper models in the ModelCache .
WrapperTemplateModel: A generic interface for template models that wrap some underlying object, and wish to provide access to the wrapped object.
ModelCache: Internally used by various wrapper implementations to implement model caching.

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