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public interface: AdapterTemplateModel [javadoc | source]

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All Known Implementing Classes:
    JythonHashModel, DocumentModel, AttributeNodeModel, EnumerationModel, JythonModel, CharacterDataNodeModel, PINodeModel, NodeModel, RhinoScriptableModel, DocumentTypeModel, JythonNumberModel, DateModel, ResourceBundleModel, BooleanModel, SimpleMapModel, JythonSequenceModel, ElementModel, StringModel, CollectionModel, ArrayModel, BeanModel, MapModel, NumberModel, RhinoFunctionModel, IteratorModel

Supplemental interface that can be implemented by classes that also implement any of the TemplateModel interfaces. A class implementing this interface usually serves as an adapter that provides bridging between a different object model and FreeMarker template models. It provides a capability to retrieve the underlying object. This interface is rarely implemented by applications. It is tipically implemented by adapter classes used for wrapping in various object wrapper implementation.
Method from freemarker.template.AdapterTemplateModel Summary:
Method from freemarker.template.AdapterTemplateModel Detail:
 public Object getAdaptedObject(Class hint)
    Retrieves the underlying object, or some other object semantically equivalent to its value narrowed by the class hint.