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public interface: ObjectWrapper [javadoc | source]

All Known Implementing Classes:
    BeansWrapper, SimpleObjectWrapper, DefaultObjectWrapper, JythonWrapper, RhinoWrapper

An object that knows how to "wrap" a java object as a TemplateModel instance.

Field Summary
 ObjectWrapper BEANS_WRAPPER    An ObjectWrapper that works similarly to #SIMPLE_WRAPPER , but exposes the objects methods and JavaBeans properties as hash elements and custom handling for Java Maps, ResourceBundles, etc. 
 ObjectWrapper DEFAULT_WRAPPER    The default object wrapper implementation. Wraps Maps as SimpleHash and Lists as SimpleSequences, Strings and Numbers as SimpleScalar and SimpleNumber respectively. Other objects are beans-wrapped, thus exposing reflection-based information. 
 ObjectWrapper SIMPLE_WRAPPER    Object wrapper that uses SimpleXXX wrappers only. This wrapper has far more restrictive semantics. It behaves like the DEFAULT_WRAPPER, but for objects that it does not know how to wrap as a SimpleXXX, it throws an exception. It makes no use of reflection-based exposure of methods. 
Method from freemarker.template.ObjectWrapper Summary:
Method from freemarker.template.ObjectWrapper Detail:
 public TemplateModel wrap(Object obj) throws TemplateModelException