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public class: SimpleCollection [javadoc | source]

All Implemented Interfaces:
    TemplateCollectionModel, Serializable

A simple implementation of TemplateCollectionModel . It's able to wrap java.util.Iterator-s and java.util.Collection-s. If you wrap an Iterator, the variable can be <list>-ed (<forach>-ed) only once!

Consider using SimpleSequence instead of this class if you want to wrap Iterators. SimpleSequence will read all elements of the Iterator, and store them in a List (this may cause too high resource consumption in some applications), so you can list the variable for unlimited times. Also, if you want to wrap Collections, and then list the resulting variable for many times, SimpleSequence may gives better performance, as the wrapping of non-TemplateModel objects happens only once.

This class is thread-safe. The returned TemplateModelIterator-s are not thread-safe.

 public SimpleCollection(Iterator iterator) 
 public SimpleCollection(Collection collection) 
 public SimpleCollection(Iterator iterator,
    ObjectWrapper wrapper) 
 public SimpleCollection(Collection collection,
    ObjectWrapper wrapper) 
Method from freemarker.template.SimpleCollection Summary:
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Method from freemarker.template.SimpleCollection Detail:
 public TemplateModelIterator iterator() 
    Retrieves a template model iterator that is used to iterate over the elements in this collection.

    When you wrap an Iterator and you get TemplateModelIterator for multiple times, only on of the returned TemplateModelIterator instances can be really used. When you have called a method of a TemplateModelIterator instance, all other instance will throw a TemplateModelException when you try to call their methods, since the wrapped Iterator can't return the first element.