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public interface: TemplateMethodModel [javadoc | source]

All Implemented Interfaces:

All Known Implementing Classes:
    JythonHashModel, BIMethod, BIMethod, SimpleMethodModel, ObjectConstructor, DateFormatter, NumberFormatter, BIMethod, JythonModel, AncestorByName, urlBIResult, BIMethod, BIMethod, BIMethod, ConstantMethod, NodeListModel, AncestorSequence, TypeFilter, Namespaces, BIMethod, RegisterNamespace, BIMethodForSequence, BooleanFormatter, FilterByType, MatcherBuilder, JythonNumberModel, ResourceBundleModel, SimpleMapModel, JythonSequenceModel, BIMethodForCollection, BIMethod, NodeListModel, OverloadedMethodModel, ConstructorFunction, ReplaceMethod, BIMethod, TemplateMethodModelEx, JaxenNamespaces, BIMethod, NodeListTM, BIMethod, DateParser, SplitMethod, GeneralPurposeNothing, MapModel, NameFilter, BIMethod, Execute, RhinoFunctionModel

Objects that act as methods in a template data model must implement this interface.

Implementions of TemplateMethodModel should be thread-safe.

Method from freemarker.template.TemplateMethodModel Summary:
Method from freemarker.template.TemplateMethodModel Detail:
 public Object exec(List arguments) throws TemplateModelException
    Executes a method call. All arguments passed to the method call are treated as TemplateScalarModel s, and evaluated to Strings before being passed. If some of the passed arguments is not a scalar, an exception will occur and the method will not be called. If your method would like to act on actual data model objects instead of on their String representations, implement the TemplateMethodModelEx instead.