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public interface: TemplateMethodModelEx [javadoc | source]

All Implemented Interfaces:

All Known Implementing Classes:
    JythonHashModel, BIMethod, SimpleMethodModel, ObjectConstructor, JythonModel, BIMethod, BIMethod, BIMethod, ConstantMethod, BIMethod, BIMethodForSequence, JythonNumberModel, ResourceBundleModel, SimpleMapModel, JythonSequenceModel, BIMethodForCollection, BIMethod, OverloadedMethodModel, ConstructorFunction, BIMethod, BIMethod, BIMethod, GeneralPurposeNothing, MapModel, BIMethod, RhinoFunctionModel

A subinterface of TemplateMethodModel that acts on models, rather than on strings. TemplateMethodModel interface will receive string representations of its argument expressions. The interface has no new methods. Instead, by implementing this interface the class declares that it wishes to receive actual TemplateModel instances in its arguments list when invoked instead of their string representations.

Implementions of TemplateMethodModelEx should be thread-safe.