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Package freemarker.template.utility

This package contains the core API's that most users will use.


Class Summary
CaptureOutput Deprecated. Use block-assignments instead, as <assign x>...</assign>.
Collections12 Implementation of missing JDK 1.3 collection features for JDK 1.2
Constants Frequently used constant freemarker.template.TemplateModel values.
DeepUnwrap Utility methods for unwrapping freemarker.template.TemplateModel-s.
DOMNodeModel A convenient wrapper class for wrapping a Node in the W3C DOM API.
Execute Gives FreeMarker the the ability to execute external commands.
HtmlEscape Performs an HTML escape of a given template fragment.
JythonRuntime A crude first pass at an embeddable Jython interpreter
NormalizeNewlines Transformer that supports FreeMarker legacy behavior: all newlines appearing within the transformed area will be transformed into the platform's default newline.
ObjectConstructor An object that you can make available in a template to instantiate arbitrary beans-wrapped objects in a template.
StandardCompress A filter that compresses each sequence of consecutive whitespace to a single line break (if the sequence contains a line break) or a single space.
StringUtil Some text related utilities.
ToCanonical Read in a template and convert it to a canonical format.
XmlEscape Performs an XML escaping of a given template fragment.

Exception Summary
UndeclaredThrowableException The equivalent of JDK 1.3 UndeclaredThrowableException.

Package freemarker.template.utility Description

This package contains the core API's that most users will use.

The typical usage pattern is to be vended freemarker.template.Template objects by the freemarker.template.Configuration object. The Template class represents a template file compiled into an efficient data structure for later use. Processing of compiled templates is very fast.

For complete instructions on how to use this package, please see the manual.