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PolyEdge: An edge in a polygon. This is used by the scanline conversion algorithm implemented in AbstractGraphics2D.rawFillShape(java.util.ArrayList, double, double, double, double, java.awt.geom.Rectangle2D) 55 .
QuadSegment: Quadratic Bezier curve segment Note: Most peers don't support quadratics directly, so it might make sense to represent them as cubics internally and just be done with it. I think we should be peer-agnostic, however, and stay faithful to the input geometry types as far as possible.
RasterGraphics: A Graphics2D implementation that operates on Raster objects. This is primarily used for BufferedImages, but can theoretically be used on arbitrary WritableRasters.
PolyEdgeComparator: Sorts PolyEdge s by their current intersection points.
AlphaCompositeContext: A CompositeContext implementation for java.awt.AlphaComposite .
AbstractGraphics2D: Implements general and shared behaviour for Graphics2D implementation.
CubicSegment: Cubic Bezier curve segment

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