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IRandom: The basic visible methods of any pseudo-random number generator. The [HAC] defines a PRNG (as implemented in this library) as follows: "5.6 Definition: A pseudorandom bit generator (PRBG) is said to pass the next-bit test if there is no polynomial-time algorithm which, on input of the first L bits of an output sequence S , can predict the (L+1) st bit of S with a probability significantly grater than 1/2 ." "5.8 Definition: A PRBG that passes the next-bit test (possibly under some plausible but unproved mathematical assumption such as the intractability of factoring integers) is called a cryptographically ...
MDGenerator: A simple pseudo-random number generator that relies on a hash algorithm, that (a) starts its operation by hashing a seed , and then (b) continuously re-hashing its output. If no hash algorithm name is specified in the java.util.Map of attributes used to initialise the instance then the SHA-160 algorithm is used as the underlying hash function. Also, if no seed is given, an empty octet sequence is used.
LimitReachedException: A checked exception that indicates that a pseudo random number generated has reached its theoretical limit in generating random bytes.
RandomEvent: An interface for entropy accumulators that will be notified of random events.
RandomEventListener: An interface for entropy accumulators that will be notified of random events.
BasePRNG: An abstract class to facilitate implementing PRNG algorithms.
PRNGFactory: A Factory to instantiate pseudo random number generators.
EntropySource: A generic interface for adding random bytes to an entropy pool.

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