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WeakIdentityHashMap: A weak hash map has only weak references to the key. This means that it allows the key to be garbage collected if it is not used otherwise. If this happens, the entry will eventually disappear from the map, asynchronously. Other strange behaviors to be aware of: The size of this map may spontaneously shrink (even if you use a synchronized map and synchronize it); it behaves as if another thread removes entries from this table without synchronization. The entry set returned by entrySet has similar phenomenons: The size may spontaneously shrink, or an entry, that was in the set before, suddenly disappears. ...
DoubleEnumeration: This is a helper class that combines two Enumerations. It returns the elements of the first Enumeration until it has no more elements and then returns the elements of the second Enumeration. In the default case: doubleEnum = new DoubleEnumeration(enum1, enum2); while (doubleEnum.hasMoreElements()) { Object o = doubleEnum.nextElement(); do_something(o); } it calls hasMoreElements of the Enumerations as few times as possible. The references to the Enumerations are cleared as soon as they have no more elements to help garbage collecting.
FileBasedPreferences: This is a simple file-based preference implementation which writes the preferences as properties files. A node is represented as a directory beneath the user's home directory. The preferences for the node are stored in a single properties file in that directory. Sub-nodes are stored in subdirectories. This implementation uses file locking to mediate access to the properties files.
EmptyEnumeration: This is a helper class that produces an empty Enumerations. There is only one instance of this class that can be used whenever one needs a non-null but empty enumeration. Using this class prevents multiple small objects and inner classes. getInstance() returns the only instance of this class. It can be shared by multiple objects and threads.
JarUtils: Utility methods for reading and writing JAR Manifest and Manifest-like files. JAR-related files that resemble Manifest files are Signature files (with an .SF extension) found in signed JARs.
MemoryBasedFactory: Memory based PreferencesFactory useful for testing. Returns completely empty Preferences for system and user roots. All changes are only backed by the current instances in memory.
FileBasedFactory: Default Classpath implementation of a PreferencesFactory. Returns system and user root Preferences nodes that are read from files.
EventDispatcher: This is a helper class used for dispatching events for the prefs package.
MemoryBasedPreferences: A Preference node which holds all entries in memory
NodeReader: Reads and imports preferences nodes from files.
NodeWriter: Writes and exports preferences nodes to files

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