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Package gnu.javax.crypto.assembly

Class Summary
Assembly An Assembly is a construction consisting of a chain of Transformer elements; each wired in pre- or post- transformation mode.
Cascade A Cascade Cipher is the concatenation of two or more block ciphers each with independent keys.
CascadeStage A Cascade Stage in a Cascade Cipher.
CascadeTransformer An Adapter to use any Cascade as a Transformer in an Assembly.
DeflateTransformer A Transformer Adapter allowing inclusion of a DEFLATE compression algorithm in an Assembly chain.
Direction An enumeration type for wiring Stage instances into Cascade Cipher chains, as well as for operating a Cascade in a given direction.
LoopbackTransformer A trivial Transformer to allow closing a chain in an Assembly.
ModeStage An gnu.javax.crypto.mode.IMode Stage in a Cascade Cipher chain.
Operation An enumeration type for specifying the operation type of a Transformer.
PaddingTransformer An Adapter to use any gnu.javax.crypto.pad.IPad as a Transformer in an Assembly.
Stage A Stage in a Cascade Cipher.
Transformer A Transformer is an abstract representation of a two-way transformation that can be chained together with other instances of this type.

Exception Summary