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Uses of Class

Uses of KeyAgreementException in gnu.javax.crypto.key

Methods in gnu.javax.crypto.key that throw KeyAgreementException
 byte[] OutgoingMessage.toByteArray()
          Returns the encoded form of the current message including the 4-byte length header.
 byte[] OutgoingMessage.wrap()
          Returns the encoded form of the current message excluding the 4-byte length header.
 void OutgoingMessage.writePublicKey( k)
          Encodes a public key into the message.
 void OutgoingMessage.writePrivateKey( k)
          Encodes a private key into the message.
 void OutgoingMessage.writeMPI(java.math.BigInteger val)
          Encodes an MPI into the message.
 void OutgoingMessage.writeString(java.lang.String s)
          Encodes a string into the message.
private  void OutgoingMessage.writeKey( k)
private  int OutgoingMessage.getKeyType( k)
static int IncomingMessage.twoBytesToLength(byte[] b)
          Converts two octets into the number that they represent.
static int IncomingMessage.fourBytesToLength(byte[] b)
          Converts four octets into the number that they represent. IncomingMessage.readPublicKey()
          Decodes a public key from the message. IncomingMessage.readPrivateKey()
          Decodes a private key from the message.
 java.math.BigInteger IncomingMessage.readMPI()
          Decodes an MPI from the current message's contents.
 java.lang.String IncomingMessage.readString()
private IncomingMessage.getKeyPairCodec(int keyTypeAndFormatID)
 void IKeyAgreementParty.init(java.util.Map attributes)
          Sets up the instance to operate with specific attributes.
 OutgoingMessage IKeyAgreementParty.processMessage(IncomingMessage in)
          Processes an incoming message at one end, generating a message that will be processed by the other party(ies).
 byte[] IKeyAgreementParty.getSharedSecret()
          Returns the byte array containing the shared secret as generated by this party.
 void BaseKeyAgreementParty.init(java.util.Map attributes)
 OutgoingMessage BaseKeyAgreementParty.processMessage(IncomingMessage in)
 byte[] BaseKeyAgreementParty.getSharedSecret()
protected abstract  void BaseKeyAgreementParty.engineInit(java.util.Map attributes)
protected abstract  OutgoingMessage BaseKeyAgreementParty.engineProcessMessage(IncomingMessage in)
protected abstract  byte[] BaseKeyAgreementParty.engineSharedSecret()

Constructors in gnu.javax.crypto.key that throw KeyAgreementException
IncomingMessage(byte[] b)
          Constructs an incoming message given the message's encoded form, including its header bytes.