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gnu.javax.crypto.keyring: Javadoc index of package gnu.javax.crypto.keyring.

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IKeyring: The top-level interface to a keyring: a file that is used to store and protect public and private cryptographic keys. A keyring is modelled as a mapping of one alias to one or more entries (optionally of different types). See also the sub-interfaces IPublicKeyring and IPrivateKeyring for special types of keyrings --the difference being in the type of entries they contain.
IPrivateKeyring: An interface to private, or "personal", keyrings, which contain private credentials. The contract is that each such entry is known by a unique alias . What about public keys? and certificate-path?
Properties: A set of (name => value) pairs used in keyring entries. Keys and values are simple strings, with the key never being empty and always treated case-insensitively.
MaskableEnvelopeEntry: An envelope entry that can be "masked" -- placed in a state where the envelope's contents cannot be accessed, due to the envelope not being fully decoded, for example.
BinaryDataEntry: A binary data entry is a primitive entry that simply contains some amount of arbitrary binary data and an optional content type.
IPublicKeyring: An interface for keyrings that contain trusted (by the owner) public credentials (incl. certificates).
EnvelopeEntry: An envelope entry is a generic container for some number of primitive and other envelope entries.
PrimitiveEntry: A primitive entry is an entry that contains a single cryptographic entity.
PrivateKeyEntry: An immutable class representing a private or secret key entry.
CertificateEntry: An immutable class representing a trusted certificate entry.
CertPathEntry: A primitive entry that contains a path of X.509 certificates.
Entry: An immutable class representing a single entry in a keyring.
PasswordEncryptedEntry: An envelope that is encrypted with a password-derived key.
PasswordAuthenticatedEntry: An entry authenticated with a password-based MAC.

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