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Class JobId  view JobId download

  extended byjavax.print.attribute.IntegerSyntax
      extended bygnu.javax.print.ipp.attribute.job.JobId
All Implemented Interfaces:
javax.print.attribute.Attribute, java.lang.Cloneable,

public final class JobId
extends javax.print.attribute.IntegerSyntax
implements javax.print.attribute.Attribute

The JobId attribute contains the ID of a print job created or currently being processed.

Field Summary
Fields inherited from class javax.print.attribute.IntegerSyntax
Constructor Summary
JobId(int value)
          Creates a IntegerSyntax with the given value.
Method Summary
 java.lang.Class getCategory()
          Returns category of this class.
 java.lang.String getName()
          Returns the name of this attribute.
Methods inherited from class javax.print.attribute.IntegerSyntax
equals, getValue, hashCode, toString
Methods inherited from class java.lang.Object
clone, finalize, getClass, notify, notifyAll, wait, wait, wait

Constructor Detail


public JobId(int value)
Creates a IntegerSyntax with the given value.

Method Detail


public java.lang.Class getCategory()
Returns category of this class.

Specified by:
getCategory in interface javax.print.attribute.Attribute


public java.lang.String getName()
Returns the name of this attribute.

Specified by:
getName in interface javax.print.attribute.Attribute