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Uses of Class

Uses of OperationsSupported in gnu.javax.print.ipp.attribute.supported

Fields in gnu.javax.print.ipp.attribute.supported declared as OperationsSupported
static OperationsSupported OperationsSupported.PRINT_JOB
          Operation to print a job in one request/response.
static OperationsSupported OperationsSupported.PRINT_URI
          Operation to print a document from an URI
static OperationsSupported OperationsSupported.VALIDATE_JOB
          Operation to validate a job before submission.
static OperationsSupported OperationsSupported.CREATE_JOB
          Operation to create an initial job for use with multiple document per job.
static OperationsSupported OperationsSupported.SEND_DOCUMENT
          Operation to send a document to a multidoc job created via CREATE_JOB
static OperationsSupported OperationsSupported.SEND_URI
          Operation to send a document uri to a multidoc job created via CREATE_JOB.
static OperationsSupported OperationsSupported.CANCEL_JOB
          Operation to cancel a job by its ID or name.
static OperationsSupported OperationsSupported.GET_JOB_ATTRIBUTES
          Operation to get job attributes of a current job.
static OperationsSupported OperationsSupported.PAUSE_PRINTER
          Operation to pause a printer.
static OperationsSupported OperationsSupported.GET_JOBS
          Operation to get all currently queued or processed jobs.
static OperationsSupported OperationsSupported.GET_PRINTER_ATTRIBUTES
          Operation to get the attributes of a printer.
static OperationsSupported OperationsSupported.HOLD_JOB
          Operation to put a job on hold by its ID or name.
static OperationsSupported OperationsSupported.RELEASE_JOB
          Operation to release a job by its ID or name.
static OperationsSupported OperationsSupported.RESTART_JOB
          Operation to restart a job by its ID or name.
static OperationsSupported OperationsSupported.RESERVED
          Not yet an operation - reserved for futher use.
static OperationsSupported OperationsSupported.RESUME_PRINTER
          Operation to resume a printer.
static OperationsSupported OperationsSupported.PURGE_JOBS
          Operation to remove all jobs from a printer regardless of state.
private static OperationsSupported[] OperationsSupported.enumValueTable