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XMLSchemaTypeInfoProvider: TypeInfo provider for XML Schema validator handler. This simply delegates to the handler. It wouldn't be required if TypeInfoProvider were an interface instead of an abstract class.
FullSyntaxBuilder: Parses a RELAX NG XML DOM tree, constructing a compiled internal representation.
XMLSchemaBuilder: Parses an XML Schema DOM tree, constructing a compiled internal representation.
XMLSchemaAttributeTypeInfo: Attribute type information provided by validation against an XML Schema.
XMLSchemaElementTypeInfo: Element type information provided by validation against an XML Schema.
ChoiceNameClass: A RELAX NG choice element (in the context of a name class).
AttributeDeclaration: An XML Schema attribute declaration schema component.
XMLSchemaTypeInfo: Abstract superclass providing simple type derivation.
ElementDeclaration: An XML Schema element declaration schema component.
TypeLibraryFactory: Datatype library factory for XML Schema datatypes.
Type: Abstract base class for XML Schema datatypes.
AttributeUse: An XML Schema attribute use schema component.
XMLSchemaSchemaFactory: Schema factory for W3C XML Schema schemata.
TypeLibrary: Datatype library for XML Schema datatypes.
ValidationException: An XML Schema validation rule violation.
NonNegativeIntegerType: The XML Schema nonNegativeInteger type.
NonPositiveIntegerType: The XML Schema nonPositiveInteger type.
FractionDigitsFacet: The fractionDigits facet.
NormalizedStringType: The XML Schema normalizedString type.
RELAXNGSchemaFactory: Schema factory for RELAX NG grammars.
MaxInclusiveFacet: The maxInclusive facet.
MinInclusiveFacet: The minInclusive facet.
NegativeIntegerType: The XML Schema negativeInteger type.
PositiveIntegerType: The XML Schema positiveInteger type.
MaxExclusiveFacet: The maxExclusive facet.

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