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Uses of Class

Uses of NameClass in gnu.xml.validation.relaxng

Subclasses of NameClass in gnu.xml.validation.relaxng
(package private)  class AnyNameNameClass
          A RELAX NG anyName element.
(package private)  class ChoiceNameClass
          A RELAX NG choice element (in the context of a name class).
(package private)  class NameNameClass
          A RELAX NG name element.
(package private)  class NSNameNameClass
          A RELAX NG nsName element.

Fields in gnu.xml.validation.relaxng declared as NameClass
(package private)  NameClass NSNameNameClass.exceptNameClass
(package private)  NameClass ElementPattern.nameClass
(package private)  NameClass ChoiceNameClass.name1
(package private)  NameClass ChoiceNameClass.name2
(package private)  NameClass AttributePattern.nameClass
(package private)  NameClass AnyNameNameClass.exceptNameClass

Methods in gnu.xml.validation.relaxng that return NameClass
(package private)  NameClass FullSyntaxBuilder.parseNameClass(org.w3c.dom.Element node)